Parents and Families

A 6-week flexible programme designed to support parental engagement and involvement in school.

The aim is to promote positive family relationships and bonding initiatives. A 60 minute session each week will support parents to utilise tools and techniques that are not only fun but will also benefit their own and their children’s mental health and physical wellbeing. Suitable for all ages and abilities.

In a world where parents and children can be so busy, these family sessions provide a wonderful space for them to connect. In a healthy and happy environment they spend quality time strengthening bonds and supporting each other.

Through balance, breathing, play and having fun, activities are designed to suit the group.

This is a great way to invite parents into school whilst ultimately supporting the whole school community.

These tools can help parents to support the development of resilience, increase self awareness and reduce stress and anxiety at home.

Sessions are flexible and can be delivered with or without children for the whole or part of the programme.

Parents and Families

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