Transition Back to School

Transition Between Year Groups Or The Next Adventure

A 6-week programme primarily designed for Year 6/5 pupils focusing on transition and the feelings and emotions that this can bring.

Designed to engage ALL pupils. It is a combination of ‘best bits’, using video clips, mindfulness, yoga, and fun challenges.

The children learn about brain health, resilience, coping with difficult emotions, trust, support and being a leader of themselves.

Overall, and in a gentle way, this programme teaches the fact that ‘nothing stays still’, everything in life changes. This can be challenging, especially in difficult times, but it’s inevitable and the more adaptable we are, the easier it is to cope.

Year 6 Pre Tests ( SATs/ Entrance Exams)

A 6 week programme designed for Year 6 pupils and staff focusing on stress reduction, management and coping techniques. Each session will support pupils in ways to manage their emotions in the lead up to and during tests.

A focus on trust, support and being grateful is integrated into this programme.

Youth Mindfulness Programme

A curriculum kids will love.

The truth is… kids won’t want to learn mindfulness if they think it’s boring.

…And focusing on the breath sounds kind of boring to most kids.

This is why it’s so important to make mindfulness fun.

The Youth Mindfulness Kids Programme is 16 one-hour lessons, jam-packed with games, videos and activities that make mindfulness interesting and inspiring for 7-11 year olds.

Youth Mindfullness

Yoga Therapy - 1 to 1 & Small Group Interventions

Yoga therapy sessions are delivered to support children from age 4 – 18 years experiencing mental health problems, psychological injury, and/ or with neurodevelopment differences. It is tailored to the individuals needs and through yoga, meditation, counselling and therapeutic play skills to improve everyday life. Available 1:1 or for small targeted groups.

These Yoga therapy sessions are designed for any children who may be struggling with a range of issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, eating disorders, suicidal ideation and self harm, as well as those struggling with emotional and behavioural regulation.

These 1 to 1 or small group sessions support young people by providing tools and strategies to help them become more self aware and better able to recognise, manage and cope with their emotions.

Yoga therapy has been used very successfully with children who could no longer access the classroom environment or even school. “They are now back in the classroom and, most importantly, learning.”

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