The Rainbow  Programme   positive mental health

Our Aim 'For All Children to keep their rainbow colours shining brightly.'

Rainbow Programme
  • Attention
  • Balance
  • Co-ordination
  • Focus
  • Fun
  • Love
  • Learn

12 Week Prevention/Intervention Programme

The Rainbow Programme is a 12 week programme. It can be delivered in two ways.

Either as;

  • A prevention programme to whole classes or groups
  • A bespoke intervention programme for small groups who have SEMH.

    Can be used for staff training; CPD.

    This Programme aims to offer children the tools & techniques of yoga therapy as a preventative measure for possible future social, emotional and mental health difficulties.

    “To enable all children to keep their rainbow colours shining brightly.”

    The programme is delivered over 12 sessions.


    Good emotional wellbeing and mental health are at the heart of the ‘rainbow programme’ developed to enhance the culture and ethos of schools.

    This therapeutic programme is delivered to children using Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Mindfulness & Growth Mindset.

    Our Vision Statement & Values

    Our intention is to offer children the tools & techniques needed to self regulate and be in control of themselves.

    Our Values; Children will learn using the following format;
    (Overview of the 12 sessions)

    1. My body is my home. Self awareness/ kindness to self, keeping our rainbow colours bright.

    2. My calm mind/ brain health. The chattering monkey meets the wise elephant.

    3. Exploring feelings/ all feelings & emotions are welcome.

    4. My choices, peace begins with me.

    5. Beginner’s Mind, Noticing, Allowing & Letting be, Acceptance.

    6. Healthy routines, outdoor time, sleep, finding balance, screen time.

    7. Healthy Me, Healthy Eating.

    8. Being kind – my family, my friends, my community.

    9. Never Giving up, trying our best. Bouncebackability (resilience)

    10. My life can change, change is constant, embracing change.

    11. The world around me, my voice, my actions.

    12. Celebrating Difference, dreams and actions, my future.

    1 to 1 & Small Group Interventions

    Yoga therapy sessions are delivered to support children from age 4 – 18 years experiencing mental health problems, psychological injury, and/ or with neurodevelopment differences. It is tailored to the individuals needs and through yoga, meditation, counselling and therapeutic play skills to improve everyday life. Available 1:1 or for small targeted groups.

    These Yoga therapy sessions are designed for any children who may be struggling with a range of issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, eating disorders, suicidal ideation and self harm, as well as those struggling with emotional and behavioural regulation.

    These 1 to 1 or small group sessions support young people by providing tools and strategies to help them become more self aware and better able to recognise, manage and cope with their emotions.

    Yoga therapy has been used very successfully with children who could no longer access the classroom environment or even school. “They are now back in the classroom and, most importantly, learning.”<.p>

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