About Us

Julie McGettrick

Julie has worked in education for 22 years. She started her career as a teacher of Food, Health, Nutrition, Art & Textiles. Since 2016, she has trained and taught Mindfulness and Yoga to children and adults. Julie combined yoga with her ‘Place2Be’ Counselling training and recognised the importance and positive impact of what happens when movement is combined with ‘invitational’ talking and creative tasks. The positive physical and mental effects this has on children’s wellbeing and the people around them is clear to see.

This speared Julie on to train as a ‘Children and Young People’s Yoga Therapist’. (British Psychological Society) Her combined 22 years of experience have enabled her to devise creative strategies to support children and adults. Working with like minded people including Clare Wilson Hasted and Dr Helen Bibby, programmes such as, ‘Starter for 10’ and ‘The Rainbow Programme’ have been devised.

Julie McGettrick

Clare Wilson Hasted

Julie and Clare worked closely together at Calm@Church Farm. Together they have great fun delivering yoga and mindfulness to families and children of all ages. Clare has worked with children for over 25 years, first in Drama AND PSHE and then in Yoga. Clare also teaches Pre and Postnatal Yoga, Yoga and Massage for Babies, Family Yoga and Well Woman Yoga Therapy.

She also owns Calm@Church, a Yoga and Wellbeing Studio based on Wirral. Clare strongly believes in the empowering and restorative effects that yoga can have and has found great strength and resilience in her own life through her practise and is passionate about sharing this with as many people as she can through her teachings. 

Dr Helen Bibby

Julie and Helen have worked closely to devise, ‘Starter for 10.’ Helen has worked in education on the Wirral peninsula for 26 years. Having taught in Early Years, Key Stage 1 and 2, she developed a Nurture Group and worked with children affected by a range of social and emotional difficulties.

She has worked in many advisory and training roles in education focusing on the Early Years and SEND/Inclusion and has spoken at many conferences and training events in the North West. Helen considers it a privilege to work with children, parents and practitioners and continues to teach and model practice when supporting young children with special educational needs.

In 2011, Helen completed her Doctorate in education and children development. Her follow up research has focused very much on supporting young children with global developmental, autism, language delay and attachment difficulties through multi -sensory and therapeutic play activities to enable infants to revisit Early Years experiences. This work is summarised in her publication ‘Bridging the Gap and Making Connections’, Many practitioners describe her courses as being outstanding which inspire them to try out new ideas or re-evaluate their own practice.