Mindfulness & Yoga Wirral

Whether you want to help your children to focus and pay attention through yoga or maybe you want to discover mindfulness yourself, everyone is welcome!

Promoting Positive Mental Health

Our Yoga & Mindfulness sessions have been created to help beginners control their mind and discover mental wellness.

Yoga & Mindfulness

Despite our name; we can also offer regular courses to help you keep a happy mind. Everyone is welcome!

Family Mindfulness

For parents and their children who are looking for a fun and engaging course that helps bring mindfulness to life.


Integrating a whole school approach. We are teaching the art and science of living. Looking after our brain is equally as important as looking after our bodies

“The success of this style of intervention has proved to be amazing. It enables children to reconnect, calm, build confidence, willpower, inner strength, and clarity of mind. They gain the skills to come back home to themselves.”


“Myself, as a grown up, have also enjoyed the sessions. I have mobility issues at times and also lack confidence in myself. I was able to do things I didn't think were possible. After every session I have been less concerned about myself and my image. I would highly recommend this and wish it was available to all. The course has helped children to feel and love themselves more. Every child has enjoyed and joined in, they have all felt safe and confident.”
Teacher Assistant, Overchurch Infant School
“My daughter Grace has been attending Sunriser’s Mindful Movement Group for some time now. Since joining the group, her posture, balance and gross motor skills have greatly improved. Her core muscles have also been strengthened. Inclusion has been key for her and it has improved her confidence as well as communication. Grace's mental well-being has been positive throughout the sessions and the breathing techniques have been a new skill learnt which we have been using to calm situations when things get a bit too much! We always look forward to our weekly sessions.”
Age 14, Moderate Learning Disability, Dyspraxia

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